Care Guide

Caring For Your Mattress

The care of your mattress is essential to your health and we want to ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible.

Good Impressions

Body conformity is normal in a quality mattress, especially in the first weeks. To help minimize body impressions and elongate the life of your mattress, we recommend rotating your mattress every two weeks for the first three months then every two months moving forward.

Match Your Support

Use a matching BIA box spring
foundation and a proper frame with
center support.

Have A Strong Frame

If you own a queen or king, be sure there is a strong center frame to prevent bowing. Never put a board between your mattress and foundation. If your bed has reached the point where you have considered this option, you need to look into buying a new mattress.

Get Covered

A quality mattress protector should be placed on your mattress to act as a barrier against daily life. Stains, burns, or abuse of the mattress or foundation can void your warranty.


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