Quality Bedding. American Heritage.

More than 150 years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing mattresses.

Patented Bedding Technologies

BIA is a provider of leading-edge bedding patents like our spinal zone technology that is proven to increase sleep efficiency.

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Industry Leader

BIA leads the mattress industry with a portfolio of nationally and internationally recognized brands.

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Global Reach

22 domestic manufacturing facilities across North America servicing 144 countries world wide.

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Bedding industries of america

Quality, Innovation, Integrity

Factories From Coast to Coast

Globally, BIA is one of the largest mattress licensing and manufacturing groups.


We offer a diverse array of bedding brands with unique features and products that are designed with the consumer in mind; our brands have a rich heritage dating back as far as 1866.


BIA owns 7 patents, numerous copyrights, and other intellectual property that support our brands and products. Our patented Spinal Zone technology reinforces the center third of the bedding surface and is clinically proven to reduce back pain.

Private Label

Our product development, design, and manufacturing capabilities are unmatched, which is why BIA is one of the largest producers of private label bedding products for e-commerce and brick and mortar stores.

This is BIA: American Sleep Design.

Bedding Industries of America is a Top 20 U.S mattress manufacturer.

consciously sourced materials

handcrafted in the USA

Corporate Headquarters

1375 Jersey Avenue
North Brunswick | NJ 08902
(800) 233-7467

(800) 233-7467