NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Eclipse International and Eastman House have teamed up with their Texas licensee, Sleep Designs, to manufacture and donate tractor-trailer loads of twin mattresses for use in temporary and long-term shelters housing people displaced by the storm, the companies said.

“The Houston community is in dire need of assistance, and we’re here to do whatever it is we can do to help,” said Stuart Carlitz, president, and CEO of Eclipse International and Eastman House. “So many people have been flooded out of their homes, work places and schools for the foreseeable future, and they need help. We have a community in need, and the fact that the factory is dry and operational gives us the ability to pitch in and make a difference. Our goal is to provide a comfortable place to sleep for as many people as possible during this disaster.”

Carlitz said details are still being worked out, but the companies have reached out to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine the best locations for the mattresses. Thousands of people have fled flooded homes, and FEMA has estimated that 450,000 people will likely seek federal assistance in the wake of the storm, making it one of the country’s largest storms, he noted.

“Our Sleep Designs’ factory is located on higher ground and made it through the storm without damage,” said Stanley Schnitzer, president of Sleep Designs. “The people in the Houston area are suffering and many have lost everything they have. We’re honored to be able to pitch in and provide a comfortable night’s sleep to those in need.”

Carlitz said he’ll be reaching out to the companies’ suppliers to see if they are interested in helping with the donation, too.

“We’re still working out the details, but we are here to help those in need,” Carlitz said, adding that the factory could produce enough mattresses to fill multiple tractor-trailers.

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